Our Infant rates are $62.50 effective January 2020 for full-time only and that is from Monday to Friday every week and you use the hours you need daily.  We charge by the month and issue invoices monthly so you will know your costs in advance.  If we have our Infant Program open in January 2021 the fees will be going up to $65.31.

Our Toddler rates are $52.90 effective January 2020 and once again full- time only from Monday to Friday.  Please call us to get added to the waiting list this obligates you to nothing and gets you in line as spaces come up.  As of January 2021 our Toddler rate will be $53.69.

Our Preschool currently in 2020 accepts only full time  children.  The rates are $46.58 daily for full-time effective January 2020 and will go up to $47.28 effective January 2021.  Please feel free to phone and get on our waiting list.