Admission Principles

  • We believe all families with children should be entitled to make the same child care choices within the community.
  • Supports available in the community (Family Space Quinte Inc. for example) will be explored to ensure effective inclusion of all children in Catundra Programs. We believe that all children are children first and deserve to be welcomed, supported and valued.
  • To work in partnership with each family ensuring consistency in planning contributing to each child’s optimum development.

Waiting List Policies and Procedures

Priority for Enrolment:

  1. Sir James Whitney or Sagonaska staff needing full-time spaces (5 full days a week).
  2. Full-time Catundra staff (5 full days a week).
  3. Already enrolled families requiring further space (5 full days a week).
  4. The rest of the community (5 full days a week)
  5. Sir James Whitney or Sagonaska staff requiring part-time spaces
  6. Catundra staff requiring part-time care.
  7. Community requiring part-time care.

The waiting list will be determined on a first-come basis according to space available within each program keeping in mind the priority for enrolment. Names will only be kept on the waiting list for a maximum of 2 years, if the family has not maintained contact with Catundra.

In order to effectively manage Catundra’s waiting list, a family may turn down the first opening offered with no penalty. The second turn down will result in going to the bottom of the list. For Sir James Whitney and Alumni families, two turn downs will result in no penalty, but the third turn down results in those families going to the bottom of the list. In all cases a response to an offered space will be required within 24 hours of the offer and a non-response within this time allows Catundra to move to the next person on the list. All voice mail messages will be left with the date and time along with a reminder of this policy (24 hours).

Below please find the Catundra Waitlist Request Form.  Once completed, please email the form to catday@lks.net.

Waitlist Request Form – Catundra Daycare